This beautiful piece is made from eco-etched copper, bronze and brass.  It measures 8" x 8". The largest section is copper and it features a leaf-less tree that was hand drawn prior to etching.  It includes layers of boughs and branches, knotty roots and a really cool, textural background.  Below the tree sits a long border with a stylized feather design similar to designs I used to free motion quilt on my fiber pieces.  It is on bronze.  In the bottom right hand corner is a square that has a design that looks like tree bark.  I stamped the design prior to etching. This square is copper. On the right hand side are three leaves, each unique and all on brass.  Stamps were used to mark the leaf designs prior to etching.  A dark patina was added to each metal piece to show off the etched details then a layer of lacquer was added to protect the colors.  Each piece was then hand stitched to a hand quilted background of black linen which was then hand sewn to a stretched canvas that had been painted black.  The backside is finished with a heavy paper and a sawtooth hanger added.

Winter Tree

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