This stunning piece is 10" x 10". It features  14 seperate pieces of metal that sort of fit together like mismatched puzzle pieces.  The metals included are copper, bronze and brass.  Each piece has benn manipulated in one way or another to provide distinct surface texture, including; reticulation (melting), hand hammering and eco-etching. 

More than two dozen rings were added to hold the seperate pieces together.  They are made of reticulated Sterling silver and are soldered in place, some melting into the surface of the other metals.  Hundreds of balls of hand formed granulation swim diagonally across the surface looking like little bubbles of copper, bronze, brass, gold filled and Sterling silver. After everything was soldered in place, a dark patina was added to sit in all of the nooks and crannies to show off the surface textures and a layer of lacquer was added to ensure that the color will never change.

The units are all hand sewn to a hand quilted, black linen background which was then hand stitched to a stretched canvas that was painted black.  The backside is finished with heavy paper and a sawtooth hanger.

Beautiful Chaos

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