My order arrived but it's not what I had expected or it doesn't fit correctly.  What do I do?


First of all, if an item you purchased does not fit correctly, we'll walk you through fitting it yourself if we think it is possible.  If you asked for a particular size/length only to find it doesn't work for you, we will make the adjustments necessary to make it work for you.  If you simply don't like a piece, it can be exchanged for another.  If the problem is due to a mistake on our end, we will pay s/h fees.  If the problem is due to a mistake on your part, you will be expected to pay s/h costs.  We will not charge you for any work that we do to make the piece fit you well.  We want you to be deliriously happy with the jewelry you purchase from us. 

How do I keep my jewelry looking like it did the day I purchased it?


All of our jewelry is shipped out with some type of polish/finish on it.  Normally we use Johnson's Floor Wax (available at home supplies stores) on any piece with a patina and Simichrome polish on anything without a patina. You can lessen the need for cleaning by storing your jewelry in tightly sealed zip lock bags to keep oxidization to a minimum. Our jewelry comes in a variety of finishes or patinas, each one requiring a different type of maintenance: 

For a highly polished piece; simply use any jewelry, copper or silver polish/cleaner and a soft cloth.  Keep in mind, the more you rub, the more luster you will achieve.

For a piece with any type of Patina; If your piece has a darker color embedded into the stamped or hammered designs then it has a patina.  Do not use any metal cleaners on these pieces as it can remove all of the patina. Instead, rub/lightly scrub the piece down with 0000 steel wool (availabe at home supply stores) or a dry, clean Teflon kitchen scrubber.  Rub just until you are pleased with the color.   

Secure Ordering & Payment Options


We use the "Square" credit card system for payment.  We think it is the most secure system out there.  We only see the last 4 numbers of the card you use to pay with along with shipping instructions.  You can be assured your vital financial information is secure with us.

All items will be shipped via USPS priority mail and will be shipped out within 5 days of purchase.  The "we" mentioned is actually the proverbial we.  I'm a one woman show so I will not automatically send you a tracking number.  If you absolutely need to follow your shipment let me know and I'll send the number to you. Please do not contact us to check the status of your order unless more than 8 working days have passes since placing your order. 

Returns & Refunds


Please contact us prior to sending back any piece of jewelry so that we can be expecting it.  You may exchange any item that you are not totally happy with within 30 days of your purchase, but we give refunds only for products with an manufacturing defect.  You will be responsible for s/h costs for any exchanges except when the need for an exchange is due to a mistake on our part with size/length of chain etc. 


Do you offer custom work?


The answer is both yes and no. It depends on what you want and whether or not I want to make it.  I will never make a copy of someone else's work or my own.  If you've got an idea for something unique that you would like to wear or have made for someone else, contact me with a little info and I'll let you know if I think I would be interested in creating it with you.  Please don't take a "no" personally, it either means I'm too busy with other pressing things, don't think I have the skill set to make what you're asking for, or don't have faith in the project coming out with a positive result. 

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