I have been an artist for nearly 30 years, working in a mix of mediums: teaching, writing and exploring color and design. In 2014 I switched mediums from fiber & fabric to metal and stone, and have become a metal smith/jeweler. 

I am currently a member of the Portland Saturday Market, where I sell my work each weekend.  My booth number for the upcoming 2019 season is 916, which is near the Skidmore fountain on the park side (not the river side) of the market. Of course, you can purchase items here on my site or check out my limited editions on Etsy (wildheatherdesign).

Each item I create is a one-of-a-kind piece of art to wear. I am simply entranced by the alchemy of metal; how it reacts to being pounded, scratched, embedded, bent, and melted.


I find it extremely interesting how I can use the same skills I've used for years in art quilting to create in mixed metals and semi-precious stones. Using the principles of composition, adding texture, line, and color with the addition of fire, I get to create unique little pieces of art.

As I make each piece I think about the person who will end up wearing it. How it might add beauty or a sense of self to enhance their person, their style. I believe that, more than any other medium I've worked in, the making of a piece of jewelry is a full circle. I get to make beautiful, interesting work that feeds my soul, then someone else wears it and hopefully it feeds their soul in return, and the circle is complete.

I look forward to your wearing one of my creations and sharing the cycle of that circle.

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